Cymetrodons (2023) – Thyssa and the Baskilians

The Baskilian snake people are brilliant technicians; they have built robot suits they can wear to give themselves arms and legs.

Their culture is much more organized than that of the Kektrish, with their government being administrated by President Kathana and her Baskilian Workers’ Party in Phaurora, the state capital.

Yet Baskilian women enjoy much more freedom and control over their own lives than Kektrish women do, and their government coordinates various social programs to support its people, even providing free robot suits (in addition to free robot suit maintenance) for the general public.

The Baskilians revere multiple serpentine deities, including Meretseger, Nehebukau, and Renenunet. They even revere Geb Himself as the Father of Serpents. Yet the most popular deity in their religion by far is Wadjet, the fiery Uraeus and solar Goddess.

The main Baskilian character in CYMETRODONS is Thyssa, a wily garage mechanic who dismantles and repairs surplus military equipment for a living.

In her spare time, Thyssa also enjoys “bot-fighting,” wherein she and other mechanics build killer robots to compete with each other in wrestling matches for money.

This is actually illegal in Baskilia, due to its rigid prohibitions against gambling and unnecessary destruction of national reources (i.e., the spare parts used to make the bot-fighting machines).