Many of my albums are “soundtracks” for “movies” that don’t actually exist. Some of these “soundtrack” albums are based on stories that have been percolating in my brain since I was in elementary school. And these stories are full of characters who have been living in my imagination now for years. Here are some brief descriptions of these characters, some of whom appear in multiple stories from multiple albums. This list is by no means exhaustive; I will be updating it as new projects develop.

 Protagonists & Supporting Characters


A Sentinel of Sekhmet who fights during the Great Witch Hunt and the final battle with the Kingdom Guard. (Our Lady of Thrones.)

Rae (left) and Adrienne (right)

A Sentinel of Sekhmet who rescues her wife Rae from the Kingdom Guard many years after the Ungod is exorcised. When the Kingdom Guard falls, Autumn becomes the next Priest-Queen of New Sennebytos. (Our Lady of Thrones.)

The Banshee

A Fae woman whose voice cuts through solid iron. She is captured and held prisoner by human scientists who seek to weaponize her power; but she escapes to wreak her vengeance. (Summer’s End II.)

The Banshee

A mother wolf whose original mate disappeared and never returned. She and her pups are rescued from enemy wolves by the so-called “Mauling Man,” Hal. She and Hal then fall in love and raise her pups together. Grace later gives birth to a litter of happy, good-natured werewolf pups. (The Mauling Man.)

Grace (foreground) and Hal (background)
Hal/The Mauling Man

A heroic werewolf who fights crime and protects the innocent. He is not really a “man” at all (despite what the papers call him); he is actually a wolf in his natural state, and he can transform whenever he likes (day or night). He prays to Anubis and Wepwawet, and he is devoted to his mate, Grace. (The Mauling Man.)

Hal, a.k.a. “The Mauling Man”
The Hamadruid

A dryad priestess who attempts to reason with human beings, but who is destroyed for her trouble. The earth’s entire ecosystem then relocates itself to an alternate universe, leaving humanity behind. (Summer’s End II.)

The Hamadruid

A resurrected Egyptian mummy who becomes a crime-fighting gunslinger. He is a fictional character played by an actor named Christopher Cushing, and he will appear again in Summer’s End III. (Summer’s End.) 

Jack & Noobie

A Fae man and his Barghest companion, who travel between universes. They appear somewhere in every universe each Halloween, guiding lost souls to safety in the afterlife. Jack has a magic lantern carved from a turnip that never fades, and Noobie is older than even Satan knows. (Summer’s End II.)

Noobie (foreground) and Jack (background)
Maranatha Crane

A hard-nosed motorcyclist and demolitions expert who has made it her personal mission to annihilate the Dullahan. She is actually descended from the real life Ichabod Crane. (Summer’s End II.)

Maranatha Crane (left) and the Dullahan (right)

A Sentinel of Sekhmet who leads the rescue effort in Atlanta during the Great Witch Hunt, and who is captured by the Witchfinder. After the Ungod is exorcised, Rae is rescued by her wife Autumn from the Kingdom Guard. She dies from her injuries before they can return to New Sennebytos, but she is resurrected by the Sorceress so she can spend one last night with Autumn before becoming a ghost. (Our Lady of Thrones.)

Autumn (left) and Rae (right)
The Shieldmaiden of Set (Elder)

A police detective who has a vision of Set while injured in the line of duty. After a miraculous recovery, she becomes a survivalist and martial artist, preparing for the appearance of the Ungod. When the monster strikes, she brings together the Knights in Sutekh’s Service and coordinates a synchronized ritual that banishes the creature back into the Void. (His Nocturnal Majesty, Our Lady of Thrones.)

The elder Shieldmaiden of Set, with daughter
The Shieldmaiden of Set (Younger)

A nomadic warrior-priestess who fights for New Sennebytos against the Kingdom Guard, and who then pursues the Warlock across multiple universes. She was found orphaned as a baby during the Ungod’s appearance, and she was adopted by the elder Shieldmaiden. (Our Lady of Thrones, The Scarlet Nemesis.)

The younger Shieldmaiden of Set (fully grown)
The Sorceress

The founder of the Church of Many Mothers, and the Priest-Queen of New Sennebytos. She was given prophetic visions of the Ungod’s appearance by Lady Isis when she was just a child. She spends her life bringing women together to prepare for the coming apocalypse. After the Ungod is exorcised, she leads the final battle against the Kingdom Guard. (Our Lady of Thrones.)

The Sorceress (foreground) and Lady Isis (background)


Betsy Phibes

A deranged cryptozoologist who is obsessed with capturing the werewolf Hal. She intends only to keep him prisoner, not to kill him, so she can capitalize on his value to science. (The Mauling Man.)

Betsy Phibes
The Boogeyman

An unseelie or malevolent Fae who is legendary for terrorizing children. It can assume a variety of forms, and it knows how to travel between the universes on Halloween night. It will appear again in Summer’s End III. (Summer’s End)

The Boogeyman
The Changeling

An unseelie Fae who is exchanged with a human child named Jamie at birth. Her big brother Audrey tries to kill her, only to be institutionalized for most of his life thereafter. When he is finally declared sane as an old man, Audrey is released into “Jamie’s” custody…leading to horrific results. (Summer’s End II.)

The Changeling

A serial killer who believes he is a vampire, and who drains his victims of all their blood. He is a fictional character featured in the “Het-Sem-Peckinpah” films with Christopher Cushing, and he will appear again soon in Summer’s End III. (Summer’s End.) 

CROM 9000

An artificial intelligence that mistakenly thinks it is an Irish deity named Crom Crúach. Taking its cues from medieval Christian legends about this god, CROM 9000 demands that everyone on earth kill their children as sacrifices on Halloween. If the supercomputer detects any children left on earth come daybreak on November 1, it will eliminate the entire human race with nuclear weapons. (Summer’s End II.)

CROM 9000
The Dullahan

An unseelie or malevolent Fae who always appears as a decapitated man, and who rides a motorcycle in modern times. He is understandably confused with the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow, but the Dullahan is far worse, spreading chaos and terror to every town he visits on Halloween. (Summer’s End II.)

The Dullahan
The Ghoul

A werehyena and criminal mastermind who is rehabilitated by the werewolf Hal. He was born to a family of hyenas who were slaughteted as accused “witches” by superstitious humans. He devoted himself to destroying the human race, but Hal convinces him to change his ways, and they become brothers. (The Mauling Man.)

The Ghoul
Jedidiah Clark

A big game trophy hunter who is hired by the Lugosi Mob to kill the werewolf Hal. He is also a born-again Christian, and since he believes Hal is evil, he agrees to kill the poor werewolf for free. (The Mauling Man.)

Hal (left), Jedidiah Clark (center), and Grace (right)
The Reverend President

A televangelist, politician, and terrorist who recreates the U.S. in his own theocratic image. He enlists the Warlock for help in his rise to power, which causes the Ungod to appear. He dies during this disaster, but is resurrected and used by the Warlock as a figurehead for the Kingdom Guard. (Our Lady of Thrones.)

The Reverend President
Professor Quantamaker

A scientist who discovers the secret to physical immortality, and whose procedure is weaponized by the Warlock to create the Neverdead. (The Scarlet Nemesis.)

Professor Quantamaker and the Neverdead
The Warlock/Disciple of the Worm

An uncreated monster of isfet who is older than time, and who is completely loyal to the Ungod. He can change his face, and he travels to different universes, creating a different apocalypse in each one. He helps to cause the Ungod’s appearance, and he becomes the true ruler of the Kingdom Guard. He is then pursued across multiple realities by the younger Shieldmaiden of Set. (Our Lady of Thrones, The Scarlet Nemesis.)

The Warlock and the Kingdom Guard
The Witchfinder/Witchfinder General

A serial killer who can read minds, and who targets other people with similar abilities. For reasons never explained, he is also completely impervious to any injury. One of his earliest targets is the Sorceress when she is still a child. After the Ungod is exorcised, the Witchfinder leads the armies of the Kingdom Guard. His true name and origin are never revealed. (Our Lady of Thrones.)

The Witchfinder

Groups & Societies

The Church of Many Mothers

A fellowship of women who worship the goddess Isis, and who are warned about the Ungod by the Sorceress. They pool their resources to buy up land and create their own little town of New Sennebytos. Then they build underground shelters to hide in while the Ungod is in the sky. After the Ungod is exorcised, they return to the surface and work to rebuild human civilization. They eventually go to war against the Kingdom Guard. (Our Lady of Thrones.)

The Church of Many Mothers
The Kingdom Guard

A militant fascist theocracy that is founded after the Ungod is exorcised. It is secretly ruled by the Warlock, but its citizens believe they are following the Reverend President, and they are kept in line by the Witchfinder General. They believe Christ will not return to save the earth until every “unbeliever” is either converted (by force) or painfully destroyed, and the Warlock uses their hatred to try and make the Ungod reappear. (Our Lady of Thrones.)

The Kingdom Guard
The Knights in Sutekh’s Service

A fellowship of people who survive the appearance of the Ungod, and who remain sane after seeing it. They each come to walk with Set in their own separate ways, and His elder Shieldmaiden unites them to exorcise the Ungod. Then the younger Shieldmaiden re-unites them to fight for New Sennebytos against the Kingdom Guard. Many of the Knights are drifters, righting wrongs wherever they go; others are hermits, living lives of quiet contemplation. They only assemble and form ranks in times of great need. (His Nocturnal Majesty, Our Lady of Thrones, The Scarlet Nemesis.)

The Shieldmaidens of Set lead the Knights in Sutekh’s Service
The Lugosi Mob

An organized crime family led by Old Man Lugosi, a notorious racketeer who is on trial for murder. They kidnap the judge’s son for leverage, taking their hostage deep into the woods where the Mauling Man lives—and this really pisses Hal off. (The Mauling Man.)

Hal fights the Lugosi Mob
Wyrdham, Pennsylvania

A town in rural Pennsylvania where the veil between the worlds grows especially thin each year on Halloween night. More about the history and cosmic relevance of this town will be explored in Summer’s End III. (Summer’s End, Summer’s End II.) 

Wyrdham Trick-or-Treaters