Dua Sutekh

EP, July 2020
22:24 min.

1. Creation’s Frontier [5:03]
2. Dua Sutekh [2:36]
3. Prince of the Darkest Heavens [4:30]
4. Snakedance [6:00]
5. Going Forth By Dawn [4:15]

My first release, a collection of devotional music for Set, intended for use in rituals and worship services.

In the Desert of Set (Main Title)

Single, August 2020
04:32 min.

1. In the Desert of Set (Main Title) [4:32]

This is the main title track for my podcast, In the Desert of Set, in which I discuss ancient history, classic monster movies, and lots of other fun stuff.

Mantis Religiosa (Dua Abyt)

Single, September 2020
07:44 min.

1. Mantis Religiosa (Dua Abyt) [7:44]

A piece I wrote for the artist Setken’s mini-documentary, The Praying Mantis God of Ancient Egypt (2020), which investigates a little-known Egyptian deity named Abyt.

Summer’s End

LP, October 2020
41:05 min.

1. Scarecrow [4:30]
2. O Hallowed Night [2:51]
3. Trick or Treat [5:03]
4. Chiroptera [3:33]
5. Rise, Het-Sem-Peckinpah [4:13]
6. Thurisaz [4:22]
7. Haunted House [5:38]
8. Give Up The Ghost [3:53]
9. November [4:10]
10. See You Next Year [2:51]

A musical celebration of Halloween, the Festival of Samhain, with plenty of scarecrows, jack-o’lanterns, trick-or-treaters, bats, mummies, runes, haunted houses, discarnate souls, cemeteries, and witches’ sabbats.

His Nocturnal Majesty

LP, November 2020
50:31 min.

1. Disturber of the Dark (Main Theme) [4:30]
2. Shieldmaiden of Set [3:53]
3. Ma’at’s Lament [5:34]
4. Winged Scarab [4:20]
5. Hierophant [5:38]
6. Powers of Isfet [2:50]
7. Typhonian Beast [1:57]
8. Knights in Sutekh’s Service [4:58]
9. Giver of Winds [5:19]
10. Repel the Ungod [2:56]
11. Beyond the Seventh Star [3:56]
12. Disturber of the Dark (End Theme) [4:34]

The soundtrack for a Kemetic-themed apocalyptic thriller that doesn’t exist. You can decide for yourself who the characters are and how the story unfolds; just know that in THIS version of Armageddon, it’s the so-called “dark and scary devil-god” who saves all our butts.

Hymn to the Soul Serpent (Hymn to Nehebukau)

(With Setken)

EP, December 2020
23:56 min.

1. Hymn to the Soul Serpent (Hymn to Nehebukau) [4:42]
2. Hymn to the Soul Serpent (Python Reticulatis Mix) [7:02]
3. Hymn to the Soul Serpent (Nehebukau Mix) [4:49]
4. Hymn to the Soul Serpent (Ecdysis Mix) [7:02]

Adapted from Setken’s blurb:

Nehebukau is a lesser known Egyptian god, but a powerful deity nonetheless; and this song is a prayer and a magick that evokes the deity Himself, as well as the nine aspects of the soul that the Egyptians articulated.

This music provides the score for a short film project. Industrial ambient techno composed by G.B. Marian forms the luscious backbone of this track, whilst the video features lyricist and director Setken indulging his fascination with Athletic Model Guild (AMG)-style films and Kemetic iconography, with ten of his paintings featuring Nehebukau being shown throughout. 

Midnight Mass

Single, December 2020

24:30 min.

1. Midnight Mass [24:30]

A Setian midnight mass performed and recorded for an imaginary AM radio station. 

Pazuzu Saves

LP, May 2021

49:43 min.

1. King of the Demons (Main Theme) [4:12]
2. The Incantation Bowl [4:46]
3. A Thief is the Daughter of Heaven [4:48]
4. Things That Should Not Be [3:13]
5. Crosses Won’t Stop Them [3:09]
6. Mountain Ascent [6:49]
7. Breaking the Wings of the Wind [5:57]
8. “Evil” Against Evil  [6:42]
9. Life After Birth [3:56]
10. Pazuzu Saves (End Theme) [6:05]

This album is a devotional offering to the Assyro-Babylonian god Pazuzu, who defends mothers and babies from the evil night demon, Lamashtu. Forget what you think you “learned” from William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist (1973) about Pazuzu, and join this mighty deity as He quests against both human and spiritual cruelty.