First Church of the Holy Jackass

The First Church of the Holy Jackass is not an actual religious institution that is legally recognized or subsidized with any taxpayer money. It is instead a one-person Setian religious art project and social initiative that is coordinated entirely by myself. And I am here to offer a very different concept of “religion” than most people in the United States of America are familiar with. I am hoping to update with a new episode each week, preferably on Sundays, beginning August 2022.

Episode #1: Pilot

In this introductory episode, I provide some information about Set (the Egyptian God of storms, deserts, and the nighttime world) and the religion of Setianism (the veneration and emulation of Set in one’s personal life). I also provide some context regarding the First Church of the Holy Jackass, which is not your granddaddy’s kind of “church.” Additional content includes a Setianized version of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, as well as a Prayer Against Forced Childbirth

Episode #2: Ecclesiology

An explanation of the First Church of the Holy Jackass—what it is, how it works, why it exists—and how it is different from other religious ministries. Includes a Prayer to Set for Agency and Strength.

Episode #3: Theology

An explanation of how polytheism works, and of Set’s unique role in His respective pantheon. Featuring a critique of monotheist perspectives toward polytheism, and a prayer to Set acknowledging Him as the central deity for this ministry.

Episode #4: Pantheon

A discussion about four different Gods who are important to this church, in addition to Set: the Egyptian Goddess Taweret, the Yazidi God Melek Taus, and the Assyro-Babylonian deities Ishtar and Pazuzu. Featuring specific prayers to each of these Gods in turn.

Episode #5: Praxis

Explaining prayer, magic, religious offerings, and the importance of ritual according to the standards of this church. Featuring a Prayer Against Depression.

Episode #6: Festivals

An explanation of the holidays observed by this ministry—including New Year, November Eve, Winter Solace (no that’s NOT a typo), May Eve, and Friday the Thirteenth. Featuring a prayer to Set, Taweret, and Melek Taus for a happy harvest during the transition into autumn.

Episode #7: Gates (and Keys)

A discussion about a system of theological correspondences I call “the Seven Gates of Set.” Includes a series of incantations or “Keys” I have written for “opening” these gates, which are linked to the stars in the Big Dipper or Khepesh (the Thigh of Set).

Episode #8: Duat

Ancient Egyptian beliefs about the Other Side, the afterlife, and the nature of the self. Featuring a prayer for good tidings during the November Eve holiday season.