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G.B. Marian's In the Desert of Set

Praise the Red Lord

A statue of Set in G.B.'s living room

O Dazzling One,
Great of Strength,
Lord of the Red Lands!
The rest of the world
May curse Your names,
But I give You praise,
For I know that nothing,
Not even the Creator,
Can exist without You,
Save for the accursed Serpent.

Though You are reviled,
You carry the weight of all worlds
Upon Your shoulders,
And You have never once failed
To do Your duty.
Truly, there is no other God
Who deserves as much praise
Or sympathy as You,
For Your blessings
Are never contingent upon
Your acceptance by anyone.
Know then, Great SET,
That when I praise You,
I do so simply because I love You,
Not from fear of punishment
Or desire for reward.

When I am a husband to the widow,
When I am a father to the orphan,
I dedicate my service to You,
That none may ever say,
“Nothing good ever came from Him.”
Let it be known that You
Are my greatest inspiration
To be noble and true,
And so shall I swear to all people
Until You beckon me to Your desert
Beyond the Great Bear.

My Prince, reach down
With Your mighty red hand
And straighten my spine,
That I may face the Serpent
And withstand its evil gaze.
Sharpen my eyes,
That I may discern the Serpent
When moral clarity is absent.
Open my mouth,
That I may utter great spells
To drive the Serpent
Back into darkness.

I will stand by You in this world
And the next;
I will offer You praises
Until the end of my days
And beyond.
I love You and worship You
From the bottom of my heart,
And I hope and I pray
That I make You proud somehow.

All honor and praise upon You,
Most holy Lord SET!
So mote it be!