Enjoy G.B. Marian’s Summer’s End III (2022) on YouTube!

LP, October 2022; 54:04 min.

Summer’s End III (2022) is my eleventh full-length album, and it too is a “soundtrack” for a non-existent “horror movie.” Like both of its predecessors, it takes place in Wyrdham, Pennsylvania; yet it is also set within its own universe, a reality that is slightly different from either of the first two worlds.

The town of Wyrdham comes alive with spirits as the sun dies in “Nightfall,” and the townspeople prepare for their annual festivities in “Samhain in Wyrdham.” Then we meet “Skull, Bones & Deadpan” (SBD), our three recurring heroes for this venture. We learn the significance of “Hobb’s Tree” to this particular version of Wyrdham, and we follow SBD as they face off against the “Bucca Dhu.” Then an old man sets a trap for a brutal serial killer in “The Last Horror Show,” while SBD find themselves lost in the “Otherworld.” We catch up with the man who has desecrated Hobb’s Tree in “The Hallowing,” and then we meet a Goddess in “La Santísima Muerte.” After witnessing an ancient feud in “Unseelie,” SBD square off against the Bucca Dhu once more in “Bring Down the Boogeyman.” The album then closes with “Three Little Reapers Are We.” 

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1. Nightfall [3:44]
2. Samhain In Wyrdham [2:51]
3. Skull, Bones & Deadpan [4:20]
4. Hobb’s Tree [3:16]
5. Bucca Dhu [4:07]
6. The Last Horror Show [8:06]
7. Otherworld [3:19]
8. The Hallowing [3:53]
9. La Sant​í​sima Muerte [7:52]
10. Unseelie [4:44]
11. Bring Down the Boogeyman [5:01]
12. Three Little Reapers Are We [2:55]

And for this year’s November Eve festivities, I’ve also written a short Summer’s End adventure called “Witchlet” that people can read in PDF format by clicking the image below. This story is not directly related to any characters or events on either of the Summer’s End albums; it is just its own little adventure that happens to take place in the world of Summer’s End III.