Enjoy G.B. Marian’s The Mauling Man (2022) on YouTube!

LP, February 2022; 1:14:09 min.

The Mauling Man (2022) is my ninth full-length album, and it is the “soundtrack” for an action-packed adventure in which the hero is a very different kind of werewolf. 

Hal is a wolf who can transform himself into a man and back at any time, whether by day or by night. He is discovered as an abandoned pup by a woman named Jane, who teaches him to read and write. He learns about the Egyptian Gods, Anubis and Wepwawet, who inspire him to become a hero just like Them when he grows up. Then Jane releases Hal back into the wild, where he meets his mate, the she-wolf Grace, and helps her to raise her pups. As he and Grace try to make a life for themselves in the wilderness, Hal contends with various evildoers, including mobsters, a deranged cryptozoologist, a big game animal trophy hunter, and an elusive criminal mastermind known as “the Ghoul.” 

Werewolves are usually depicted as “Jekyll & Hyde”-type monsters who can’t even control their own capacity for violence, making them little more than metaphors for human predators. I’ve always hated this cliché, because I think real-life werewolves would behave more like actual wolves do, just living their lives in the wild and trying their best to avoid humans. The so-called “Mauling Man,” Hal, is a good werewolf who just wants to keep his loved ones safe, and I am very proud of him.

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1. The Mauling Man [5:35]
2. Madonna and Pup [2:44]
3. Holy Canidae [7:22]
4. Finding Grace [5:53]
5. Human Predator [3:48]
6. House Fire [2:49]
7. Survivors in the Snow [6:34]
8. Mauling the Mob [4:51]
9. The Cryptozoologist [4:16]
10. Prey to God [3:53]
11. The Ghoul [6:01]
12. I Hate It When You Go [1:59]
13. Showdown [9:11]
14. A New Generation [3:22]
15. The Mauling Man (Reprise) [5:43]