Enjoy G.B. Marian’s The Scarlet Nemesis (2022) on YouTube!

LP, May 2022; 1:01:13 min.

The Scarlet Nemesis (2022) is the “soundtrack” for an apocalyptic sci-fi thriller, and it is a direct sequel to both His Nocturnal Majesty (2020) and Our Lady of Thrones (2021)

After the final battle in Our Lady of Thrones, the younger Shieldmaiden of Set leads a taskforce to Atlanta, Georgia, where the brutal Kingdom Guard has fallen. The only surviving leader of the regime is the Warlock, who opens an interdimensional gateway to another universe. The Shieldmaiden follows him and is lost across multiple worlds until her divine Namesake, the God Set, brings her to safety in His Desert beyond the Great Bear.

Set and His Imperishable Ones give the Shieldmaiden some powerful magical tools to help her in her quest, including a magic sword and a magic scarab amulet. Then she pursues the Warlock across several different realities, fighting to foil his cosmocidal plans in each world she visits. Along the way, she encounters reptile people, quantum zombies, killer Christmas presents, and even a mutant strain of bubonic plague. But no matter what the Warlock throws at her, the Shieldmaiden proves she is every bit as relentless as the God she serves. She will never stop, she will never surrender, and she will never give up. Could it be that the Disciple of the Worm has truly met his match? 

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1. Where’s the Warlock? [3:54]
2. The Scarlet Nemesis (Main Theme) [6:45]
3. Across the Multiverse in 80 Seconds [1:23]
4. The Imperishable Ones [4:51]
5. Ancient Enemy (Disciple of the Worm) [3:57]
6. The Sword and the Scarab [3:11]
7. Holiday Fear [5:17]
8. Mesozoic [3:08]
9. Bacillus Pestis [3:51]
10. Graveyard Minds [3:44]
11. Hell is Where the Heart is [3:51]
12. The War Across the Worlds [6:38]
13. Dispel the Ungod [3:31]
14. She Before Whom the Sky Shakes [3:17]
15. The Eternal Conflict (Finale) [3:48]