G.B. Marian was born in Abington, Pennsylvania in December 1982. He became interested in ancient history, classic monster movies, and eerie electronic music from a very early age. When he was 14 years old, G.B. had an experience that convinced him the Egyptian god Set is indeed quite real, and he has identified as a deeply religious Setian ever since. After studying Theatre and acting in several stage plays in Texas during the 2000s, G.B. relocated to Michigan, got married, and raised a family of cats. Now he writes literature, composes music, and produces a podcast for Set.

G.B. also co-founded a private Setian coven called the LV-426 Tradition, which began in 2003 and is unrelated to other Setian fellowships. He is legally ordained in the Universal Life Church Monastery to provide matrimonial services, and he is especially happy to work with LGBTQ+ couples in this capacity. 

DesertOfSet.com exists because G.B. would like to live in a world where Setian values like autonomy and diversity are better protected and championed for everyone. He hopes this work will raise awareness of Set, His people, and the unique message our religion has for the world. May all who read or listen to In the Desert of Set be empowered to determine themselves somehow, whether they walk with the Red Lord or not.