Enjoy G.B. Marian’s His Nocturnal Majesty (2020) on YouTube!

LP, November 2020; 50:31 min.

His Nocturnal Majesty (2020) is my second full-length album, and it is the “soundtrack” for an apocalyptic sci-fi thriller that is based on ancient Egyptian religious themes. 

The collective evils of humankind have finally caused Ma’at, the cosmic order of things, to start unraveling. A hideous, gigantic monster appears in the sky, transforming the heavens into a gaping mouth. The sight of this creaturethe Ungod—drives most people across the planet insane. But one woman, the mysterious Shieldmaiden of Set, remains unrattled by the creature’s appearance.

The Gods explain to the Shieldmaiden that They are currently powerless to help us, for we have closed ourselves off from Their grace with out collective inhumanity. Yet the God Set instructs her in how she can potentially reverse this state of spiritual decay and send the Ungod back from whence it came.

This will require coordinating a synchronized ritual to Set across the entire North American continent, which means the Shieldmaiden must travel in search of others like herself—the “Knights in Sutekh’s Service”—who remain unfazed by the Ungod. Can the Shieldmaiden and her comrades complete this ritual in time, before it’s too late?

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1. Disturber of the Dark (Main Theme) [4:30]
2. Shieldmaiden of Set [3:53]
3. Ma’at’s Lament [5:34]
4. Winged Scarab [4:20]
5. Hierophant [5:38]
6. Powers of Isfet [2:50]
7. Typhonian Beast [1:57]
8. Knights in Sutekh’s Service [4:58]
9. Giver of Winds [5:19]
10. Repel the Ungod [2:56]
11. Beyond the Seventh Star [3:56]
12. Disturber of the Dark (End Theme) [4:34]