Enjoy G.B. Marian’s I Believe (2021) on YouTube!

LP, August 2021; 49:47 min.

I Believe is my fifth full-length album, and it is the second of two albums I have released that feature songs with lyrics. (Most of my music is instrumental.)

The album opens with “Jaws of Sobek,” an instrumental dedicated to the Egyptian Crocodile God. The title track, “I Believe,” is my statement of faith. “The Tadpole’s Prayer (Heqet)” is an invocation and prayer to the Frog Goddess Heqet. “Peacock King (Tawuse Melek)” is an act of worship for Melek Taus, the Yazidi Peacock God, and the instrumental “Naqada” is named after the home of the earliest known Setians in ancient history.

The second half of the album opens with “Lady of the Sycamore Tree,” a prayer of thanksgiving to the Cow Goddess, Hathor. “Syzygy” is an autobiographical story about the very first meeting of the LV-426 Tradition in 2003. “Imhotep” is another instrumental, and it refers to the ancient Egyptian architect and physician, who was worshiped as the Son of Thoth after his death. “Theme For a Different Jackal” is about meeting the Jackal God Anubis when I was just a little kid, and “Set Happens” closes the album with a bang.

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1. Jaws of Sobek [4:07]
2. I Believe [4:10]
3. The Tadpole’s Prayer (Heqet) [5:24]
4. Peacock King (Tawusê Melek) [8:33]
5. Naqada [3:17]
6. Lady of the Sycamore Tree [4:56]
7. Syzygy [8:20]
8. Imhotep [2:19]
9. Theme For a Different Jackal [5:11]
10. Set Happens [3:28]