Enjoy G.B. Marian’s Ophidyssey (2022) on YouTube!

LP, January 2022; 40:16 min.

Ophidyssey (2022) is the “soundtrack” for a 1980s 8-bit Nintendo game that doesn’t exist.

This game takes place before the Creation of the universe according to the Heliopolitan cosmogony. The Creator and solar deity, Ra, has just brought Themself and Their children, Shu (God of air) and Tefnut (Goddess of water), into being. But while Shu and Tefnut are playing one day, They are accidentally separated from Their divine Parent. Weeping tears of flame, Ra removes one of Their Eyes and transforms it into the fiery cobra Goddess, Wadjet. Ra then beseeches Wadjet to go forth into the primordial Waters of Nun to rescue Shu and Tefnut. 

If Ophidyssey were an actual video game that really existed, players would play as the Goddess Wadjet. The objective of the game would be to find Shu and Tefnut while also roasting as many gooey, primeval chaos monsters as possible. Once Shu and Tefnut are rescued and returned to Ra, the Creation of the universe can successfully continue. 

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1. Uraeus [6:22]
2. Zep Tepi [3:08]
3. Sunshine Supersnake [4:25]
4. Waters of Nun [4:17]
5. Eye of Ra [4:43]
6. Maelstrom [4:21]
7. Abyss [5:31]
8. Mesu Betesh [4:51]
9. Nekhtet! [2:34]