Enjoy G.B. Marian’s Pazuzu Saves (2021) on YouTube!

LP, May 2021; 49:42 min.

Pazuzu Saves (2021) is my third full-length album, and it is my answer to William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist (1973). The Assyro-Babylonian Pazuzu is not an “evil demon” at all, but a proper God in His own right. What’s more, He was worshiped by the ancients and invoked for the protection of women and children, especially during childbirth. His arch-nemesis in this regard is a vampire-like demon called Lamashtu, who especially delights in harming little children.

It is ironic that Blatty made Pazuzu the antagonist for his “demonic possession” story, given that Pazuzu was actually invoked to exorcise evil spirits that terrorized children, rather than being one Himself. 

While Pazuzu Saves is indeed another of my “soundtrack” albums for “movies that don’t exist,” this particular film is meant to be different. The others deal with fictional characters and events from my own imagination, while Pazuzu Saves is more like a religious bio-pic that depicts actual events from history. As such, the album itself is a devotional offering to Pazuzu.

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1. King of the Demons (Main Theme) [4:12]
2. The Incantation Bowl [4:46]
3. A Thief is the Daughter of Heaven [4:48]
4. Things That Should Not Be [3:13]
5. Crosses Won’t Stop Them [3:09]
6. Mountain Ascent [6:49]
7. Breaking the Wings of the Wind [5:57]
8. “Evil” Against Evil  [6:42]
9. Life After Birth [3:56]
10. Pazuzu Saves (End Theme) [6:05]