Enjoy G.B. Marian’s Set Is Now (2021) on YouTube!

LP, June 2021; 40:50 min.

Set Is Now is my fourth full-length album, and it is the first of two albums I have released that feature songs with lyrics. (Most of my music is instrumental.) This album is inspired by my coming to Set as a teenager in “Satanic Panic” America.

The opening song, “Setian Prayer,” is exactly what it sounds like: a heartfelt invocation and prayer to Set. It’s also a bizarre cross between a Norwegian black metal song and a Rick Wakeman keyboard solo from the 1970s. “Morningstar” refers to Lady Ishtar, the Assyro-Babylonian Goddess of fertility and war. This song implores men across the entire planet to repent of their sins against women and beg Ishtar for forgiveness…before She starts a zombie apocalypse. “Deception of a Generation” is about being a Setian teenager with an abusive, controlling parent who thinks you are “demonic.” It’s autobiographical, referring to events and emotions I actually experienced as a teen.

The second half of the album includes “Mama Riverhorse (Taweret),” a long instrumental piece that’s dedicated to the Hippo Goddess. I originally meant for it to have lyrics, but I ended up feeling the music was stronger without any vocals. And the final track, “In the Name of Sutekh” is a Setian call-to-arms against the forces of tyranny and oppression in this world.

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1. Setian Prayer [5:02]
2. Morningstar [5:53]
3. Deception of a Generation [9:55]
4. Mama Riverhorse (Taweret) [14:10]
5. In the Name of Sutekh [5:48]