Enjoy G.B. Marian’s Summer’s End (2020) on YouTube!

LP, October 2020; 41:05 min.

Summer’s End (2020) is my first full-length album, and it is the “soundtrack” for a Halloween-themed “horror film” that doesn’t exist. This “film” takes place in a fictional town called Wyrdham, Pennsylvania, where the residents take October 31st very seriously. 

The album opens with a meditative piece about a scarecrow standing in a cornfield. The second track, “O Hallowed Night,” might well be considered the Summer’s End theme song, while “Trick or Treat” follows a group of children as they beg for candy. In “Chiroptera,” a serial killer dresses as a bat and strikes terror throughout the town. In “Rise, Het-Sem-Peckinpah,” an Egyptian mummy is resurrected to become a crimefighter. The Wyrdham Historical Society holds a witches’ sabbat in “Thurisaz,” and a young trick-or-treater encounters the Boogeyman in “Haunted House.” Then someone dies and has a life-after-death experience in “Give Up the Ghost,” while several Wyrdhamite families visit their deceased loved ones at the local cemetery in “November.” The album closes with “See You Next Year,” a reprise of “O Hallowed Night” that’s intended for the “end credits” of the “film.” 

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1. Scarecrow [4:30]
2. O Hallowed Night [2:51]
3. Trick or Treat [5:03]
4. Chiroptera [3:33]
5. Rise, Het-Sem-Peckinpah [4:13]
6. Thurisaz [4:22]
7. Haunted House [5:38]
8. Give Up The Ghost [3:53]
9. November [4:10]
10. See You Next Year [2:51]