Enjoy G.B. Marian’s Summer’s End IV (2023) on YouTube!

LP, October 2023; 49:38 min.

Summer’s End IV (2023) is my fourteenth full-length album. It continues the Summer’s End tradition of presenting a new volume of Halloween-themed musical horror stories. The tales in this year’s collection each center around the same recurring character – the formidable Sawyer Wynn – and will join to form a single narrative. This album is also a direct sequel to the song “Graveyard Minds” from The Scarlet Nemesis (2022).

In Summer’s End IV, we will follow Sawyer Wynn, a rogue Neverdead (or “quantum zombie’), as he travels beyond his own version of Earth to stop the interdimensional villain that created him. As the story unfolds, we will learn more about the true nature of Halloween and its significance to the eldritch little town of Wyrdham, Pennsylvania. A copy of the full Summer’s End IV story synopsis is available for anyone who might be interested.

Summer’s End IV will be released on October 1, 2023, along with a series of animated music videos. In the meantime, the album is available for streaming on YouTube.



1. Initium [6:10]
2. Logan Westlake [3:24]
3. Police Response [3:33]
4. Something Has Their Attention [3:15]
5. After Midnight [5:08]
6. Adventures in Babysitting [2:03]
7. The Wrath of Sawyer Wynn [4:05]
8. Family Reunion [3:27]
9. A Good Magician Never Explains [2:59]
10. The Quantamaker Paradox [4:02]
11. Saturn Ascends [4:00]
12. My Grandpa Hates Bullies [2:03]
13. Lord of the Neverdead [5:23]