Enjoy G.B. Marian’s The Ghoul (2023) on YouTube!

LP, April 2023; 1:02:22 min.

The Ghoul (2023) is a sequel to The Mauling Man (2022), which follows the adventures of a good-natured werewolf named Hal. In that story, Hal fights a supervillain called the Ghoul, who turns out to be a werehyena with a tragic backstory. The Mauling Man concludes with Hal rescuing the Ghoul, who then renounces his evil ways and becomes the hero’s brother and friend.

The Ghoul begins a few years after these events. Its titular protagonist has been living with Hal, Hal’s mate Grace, and their wolf pups (some of whom are werewolves like their father) out in the woods since he left his criminal life among the humans. This has helped the Ghoul heal from his childhood as a tormented baby hyena, which is what drove him to evil and cruelty in the first place. He helps to raise Hal & Grace’s werewolf pups, who cherish him as their beloved uncle. He grows especially close to the smallest pup, the runt of the litter, whose name is Molly.

One day, while teaching little Molly to read, the Ghoul notices a newspaper article about a new supervillain who is now terrorizing the city in which he used to live. Known only as the Wraith, this masked maniac has been robbing banks, murdering crime lords, hiring their unemployed assassins, and leaving public messages for the Ghoul, defying him to come and stop them from aggressively monopolizing the entire criminal underworld if he can.

(Read the full story of The Ghoul here.)

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1. The Ghoul (Main Theme) [5:54]
2. Children of Grace [2:52]
3. Enter the Wraith [4:57]
4. Old Ghosts [3:47]
5. Little Shadow [4:57]
6. Lugosi & Carradine [2:09]
7. The Curse of Claudia Raines [3:21]
8. Saved by the Pup [4:14]
9. Dark Night of the Ghoul [2:12]
10. The Abduction of Dr. Phibes [4:06]
11. More Than They Can Chew [3:58]
12. Werewolf Army [3:33]
13. The Haunted City [4:42]
14. Unforgiven [3:59]
15. We’re All Animals [3:32]
16. Monstrum Universale (Finale) [3:59]