Enjoy G.B. Marian’s Dua Sutekh (2020) on YouTube!

EP & Singles, August – December 2020;
59:11 min.

Dua Sutekh is my first musical release ever. It was originally released as an EP in August 2020, with only 5 tracks. I then re-released it in 2021 with some additional bonus tracks, which I originally released as singles during the Fall of 2020.

The original EP begins with “Creation’s Frontier,” which is about entering Deshret, the Desert of Set, beyond the Great Bear. “Dua Sutekh” is a simple chant expressing worship for Set. “Prince of the Darkest Heavens” is about His role as a circumpolar deity, and “Snakedance” evokes His eternal conflict with the isfet serpent. The EP closes with “Going Forth By Day,” in which the Creator and Sun God, Ra, is successfully reborn after Set’s confrontation with isfet.

As for the bonus tracks, “In the Desert of Set (Main Title)” is the theme song for my original podcast. “Mantis Religiosa (Dua Abyt)” is a piece I scored for a short documentary film entitled The Praying Mantis God of Ancient Egypt, which was directed by the artist Setken. And the final track, “Midnight Mass,” is a 25-minute Setian worship service that was recorded for Christmas Eve 2020.

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1. Creation’s Frontier [5:03]
2. Dua Sutekh [2:36]
3. Prince of the Darkest Heavens [4:30]
4. Snakedance [6:00]
5. Going Forth By Dawn [4:15]
6. In the Desert of Set (Main Title) [4:32]
7. Mantis Religiosa (Dua Abyt) [7:44]
8. Midnight Mass [24:30]