Welcome to the official website of G.B. Marian. G.B. is a Pagan minister and a Setian priest in the LV-426 Tradition. He first met the Egyptian god Set in 1997 and has been walking with Him ever since. G.B. is a writer and a composer, and virtually everything he creates has something to do with Set and/or His fellow Netjeru (the Egyptian gods and goddesses). He is also a huge fan of classic sci-fi/horror monster movies, and he enjoys reading spiritual messages into his favorite films. G.B. produces a podcast to help spread knowledge and information about Set throughout the world, and everything included in this website is provided to the public for free.

In the Desert of Set

In the Desert of Set is G.B. Marian’s official podcast, in which he discusses life as a Setian in contemporary times, with random long-winded detours into ancient history, classic horror movies, and all kinds of other fun stuff.

Dua Sutekh

Dua Sutekh is an EP of ambient, electronic, industrial and/or trance music for devotionals to the Egyptian god Set. Composed, recorded, and produced by G.B. Marian in July 2020, this work is available to everyone for free!

Summer’s End

Summer’s End is a full-length album of Halloween-themed ambient, electronic, and industrial music that G.B. Marian will release to the public for free this October 1, 2020! Click here to stream previews on YouTube!