Enjoy G.B. Marian’s Cymetrodons Vs. Abhoragon (2024) on YouTube!

LP, February 2024; 54:11 min.

This album is a sequel to last year’s Cymetrodons, which takes place on an alternate version of Earth where human beings never evolved from apes. This Earth is populated instead by the Three Peoples: the Kektrish (crocodile people), the Baskilians (snake people), and the Nephret (frog people). These civilizations combined their forces to create WIT, the World Intelligence Taskforce, which serves to defend the entire globe from extraterrestrial threats.

In the previous album, WIT created the Cymetrodons – three giant robot Guardian Beasts – to fight back against the invading Strangers. It is now several years later, and the Strangers’ leaders appear to have abandoned the invasion. Strangers who were captured in battle have been rehabilitated and healed with Nephret medical science, and are now living as protected refugees at Sarnath Bay in Nephret, raising families beside their amphibian neighbors.

But a Kektrish war veteran named Varandis, who lost his entire family during the Strangers’ attack on Fort Shedet (the Kektrish capital), believes the Sarnath Bay refugees must be completely eliminated. So he steals a recovered Stranger war machine, two Ghost Ray cannons that were never dismantled by the Kektrish government, and WIT’s blueprints for the Cymetrodons. He uses these items to construct Abhoragon, a robot dragon with one Ghost Ray cannon embedded in his chest, and another embedded in his tail. With this new metal monster under his control, Varandis first launches an attack on his own nation’s capital; then he plans to strike Sarnath Bay.

WIT and their Cymetrodons (Motormouth, Roughneck, and Steeltoe) fight to stop Abhoragon’s reign of terror. But in the process, they observe some extremely disturbing changes in their planet’s ecosystem – environmental changes that seem to be caused by their opponent’s Ghost Ray blasts. Can the Cymetrodons defeat Abhoragon before their entire world becomes a nuclear graveyard? (Click here to read a track-by-track story synopsis for this album.)

1. Return To Geb [3:40]
2. Varandis [4:29]
3. WIT Investigates [2:00]
4. Abhoragon [3:15]
5. Kektrish Military [2:14]
6. Cymetrodon War [4:05]
7. Ghost Ray Cannon [1:28]
8. Fort Shedet In Flames [2:39]
9. Funereal Dawn [1:34]
10. Tracking Abhoragon [3:04]
11. Ghost Ray Sickness [2:21]
12. Mutations [3:13]
13. Panic At Sarnath Bay [2:30]
14. Dua Geb [2:15]
15. Fighting For The Earth [7:44]
16. Compassion [3:12]
17. Dark New World [4:20]