Enjoy G.B. Marian’s Cymetrodons (2023) on YouTube!

LP, January 2023; 1:08:41 min.

Cymetrodons (2023) is the “soundtrack” for a different kind of alien invasion story. The Three Peoples of Geb—the Baskilians, the Kektrish, and the Nephret—must defend themselves from a hostile extraterrestrial army. A World Intelligence Taskforce (WIT) is assembled, building and operating giant metal beasts to fight the invaders. Can WIT and their Cymetrodons defeat the Strangers before the Kektrish government deploys an even greater weapon—one that might destroy the planet?

The heroes in this adventure are Grawuul, a Kektrish crocodile man, military veteran, and war hero; Kroakoan, a Nephret frog person, healer, peace activist, and first responder; and Thyssa, a Baskilian snake woman, mechanical engineer, and legendary outlaw. Together, Grawuul, Kroakoan and Thyssa will pilot Motormouth (a giant yellow robo-crocodile), Roughneck (a giant purple robo-snake with detachable arms and legs), and Steeltoe (a giant steel grey robo-frog).

Cymetrodons takes place in the same fictional universe that is visited by the younger Shieldmaiden of Set and the Warlock in “Mesozoic,” a track that is featured in The Scarlet Nemesis (2022). As such, this story and its characters are tangentially related to my “Setian Apocalypse” Trilogy (His Nocturnal Majesty, Our Lady of Thrones, and The Scarlet Nemesis).

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1. The Three Peoples (Opening) [3:48]
2. Assault on the City of Snakes [4:22]
3. Grawuul [3:12]
4. Kroakoan [3:41]
5. Thyssa [4:34]
6. Opening the Mouths of the Guardian Beasts [3:46]
7. Cymetrodons (Main Theme) [5:30]
8. First Victory [2:13]
9. The Autopsy [4:52]
10. Alterterrestrial [2:11]
11. Roughneck in the Mist [4:27]
12. Court Martialed [1:48]
13. Kindness to Strangers [2:02]
14. Motormouth Bites Back [1:44]
15. The Second Wave [2:03]
16. All of a Slither [2:08]
17. Steeltoe at Dawn [3:13]
18. The Battle of Brock Ragune [6:27]
19. Aftermath [2:26]
20. WIT (Finale) [4:05]