Enjoy G.B. Marian’s Our Lady of Thrones (2021) on YouTube!

LP, November 2021; 1:47:55 min.

Our Lady of Thrones (2021) is my seventh full-length album, and it is also a double album. It is the “soundtrack” for an apocalyptic sci-fi thriller that is based on ancient Egyptian religious themes, and the first disc of the album takes place immediately before His Nocturnal Majesty (2020), while the second disc takes place immediately afterwards. 

Long before His Nocturnal Majesty begins, a young woman called the Sorceress receives a prophetic vision of what will happen from the Goddess Isis. She starts a secret society of women called the Church of Many Mothers, which prepares for the coming apocalypse by buying up land, building underground shelters, and stockpiling emergency resources. As this secret society grows, it is noticed and targeted for extermination by three horrific evildoers: the unstoppable Witchfinder, the charismatic Reverend President, and the enigmatic Warlock or “Disciple of the Worm.”

The Church of Many Mothers and its enemies all manage to survive the apocalypse in His Nocturnal Majesty. As the Sorceress and her followers work to rebuild human civilization, they are forced into a final confrontation with the Kingdom Guard, a brutal theocratic regime. We also learn that the Shieldmaiden of Set has adopted a daughter, who is now fully grown. This younger Shieldmaiden fights alongside the women of New Sennebytos and even helps to resurrect one of their fallen warriors. 

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1. Mistress of Every Land (Main Theme) [3:03]
2. Sorceress (The Prophecy) [5:50]
3. Witchfinder [3:31]
4. The Church of Many Mothers [5:24]
5. Initiation [5:26]
6. The Reverend President [3:21]
7. Satanic Panic (Disciple of the Worm) [4:34]
8. Go With The Goddess [4:17]
9. Escape To New Sennebytos [5:46]
10. The Screaming Sky [4:06]
11. The Shieldmaiden’s Daughter (Part I) [5:47]

1. After the End [5:14]
2. Sentinels of Sekhmet [3:51]
3. The Kingdom Guard [5:40]
4. The Shieldmaiden’s Daughter (Part II) [5:23]
5. Resurrection Ceremony [7:26]
6. Last Embrace [3:16]
7. Warlocked (Disciple of the Worm) [3:54]
8. Witchfinder General [5:35]
9. Defy the Ungod [6:46]
10. Long Live the Queen [4:54]
11. Mistress of Every Land (End Theme) [4:40]