Enjoy G.B. Marian’s Summer’s End II (2021) on YouTube!

LP, October 2021; 51:08 min.

Summer’s End II (2021) is my sixth full-length album, and like its predecessor, it is the musical score for a “horror film” that only exists in my imagination. This album takes place in Wyrdham, Pennsylvania as well, but in a much darker universe than that of the first Summer’s End.

The album begins with “Twilight of the Fae,” a piece about the true cosmic significance of Halloween. In “The Dullahan Rides Out,” Wyrdham is terrorized by a headless horseman on a motorcycle. Then the “Hamadruid” tries to reason with human beings, while scientists discover a horrific geological phenomenon in “The Stonehenge Tape.” Meanwhile, a man thinks his sister is a “Changeling,” and a friendly ghost helps people who are lost in “Jack and His Lantern.” Mad scientists capture a “Banshee” for their evil experiments, and an artificial intelligence called “CROM 9000” threatens us all with a nuclear holocaust. Then a descendant of Ichabod Crane faces the Dullahan in “The Young and the Headless,” and all the earth’s plants and animals are evacuated to another world by the “Parliament of Trees.” The overall tone of this album is really quite grim. 

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1. Twilight of the Fae [7:14]
2. The Dullahan Rides Out [4:33]
3. Hamadruid [2:19]
4. The Stonehenge Tape [5:58]
5. Changeling [5:00]
6. Jack And His Lantern [4:02]
7. Banshee [4:23]
8. CROM 9000 [9:17]
9. The Young and the Headless [5:58]
10. Parliament Of Trees [2:20]