Cymetrodons (2023) – Grawuul and the Kektrish

The Kektrish are crocodile people, and their patriarchal warrior culture is steeped in tribal violence. Yet they are in the process of uniting and learning more peaceful, democratic ways of living together. In addition to Father Earth, they worship Sobek, whom they revere as the Creator of the universe.

The main Kektrish character in CYMETRODONS is Grawuul, a former spy who fought for the Kektrish Federalist Party during the last Kektrish Civil War.

A Kektrish scientist named Skelazee invented a “Ghost Ray” that atomizes the flesh of anything it touches, leaving only bones. This device was then weaponized by Skelazee’s tribe, and an entire Nephret village called Cratermoth (near the Kektrish border) was tragically wiped out in the process.

A Baskilian experimental aircraft was also accidentally destroyed, which nearly escalated the war in Kektrys to an international level.

This, along with the fact that Skelazee’s Ghost Ray was essentially in terrorist hands, almost led to a World War that would have ended all life on Geb.

But as a spy, Grawuul successfully infiltrated Skelazee’s tribe and sabotaged the Ghost Ray, which de-escalated and ended the crisis.

Great Kektrys finally became a united democratic republic, and Grawuul was then enlisted to serve among its top military brass at Fort Shedet, the Kektrish state capital. He reports directly to the current Kektrish prime minister, Gorglow.