Cymetrodons (2023) – The World of Geb

The world of CYMETRODONS is actually an alternate version of our own planet where human beings never came into existence, and where the Baskilians, the Kektrish, and the Nephret have inherited the Earth instead.

These three civilizations each refer to their world as Geb, and they worship it as living, breathing deity in their shared pantheon, revering Him as “‘Father Earth.”

There are also only four continents on Geb, as opposed to the seven here on our version of Earth. Only three of these continents are habitable, and these are each concentrated along the equator, with Great Kektrys to the West, Baskilia to the East, and Nephret between them.

The fourth continent, Ikhememti, is virtually identical to our Antarctica, save that its ice contains the frozen fossils of a long-extinct race of fish people whom the modern civilizations—the Three Peoples—can only dimly remember.